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Other Cleaning companies perform a walkthrough before giving you an estimate, simply to take notes if you have dogs, cats, children, if your home is nice or if its messy.

We believe in treating all of our customer equally, and what is the point to hire a helper if your house is pristine? For that reason, we provide estimates solely based on the size of your home and the frequency of your cleaning.   



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Those little Extras

We would love to serve all clients, but unfortunately, we can’t. Also, the scope of work/condition of the home may mean we can’t complete the work the same day and require more budget and time, heavy-duty extra or multiple visits – we will discuss it before we start work and offer you a chance to decline service.


What We Won’t do

·  Biological Waste Materials

·  Heavy Objects

·  Bedbugs and Insect Infestations

·  Questionable Odors

·  Use toxic chemicals you supply

·  Ironing

·  Areas higher than the 2nd step of a step ladder

·  Cleaning while other contractors are present in a home

·  Cleaning exterior of home

·  Chandelier cleaning

·  Cleaning any part of a home exterior

·  Cleaning of mold, bodily fluids, pet waste & vomit, etc.

·  High Levels of trash or clutter

·  Scrubbing of painted walls

·  Haul trash off-site

Thank you so much for your understanding

In addition to our list of standard house cleaning services we can perform the following extra cleaning services whether you choose a one-time cleaning or regularly scheduled maintenance cleaning services.


· Interior Window

· Exterior Porch

· Sweep and Vacuum Garage

· Polish Silverware

· Interior of the refrigerator

· Interior of the Freezer

· Interior of the dishwasher

· Interior of the Oven

· Wash Walls (Latex Paint Only)

· Interior of Cabinets

· Move and Clean underneath rugs

· Fold Laundry

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